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Phand Corporation


Distributed Audio & Video

Controlling and sending music and video throughout your business or home enhances everyone’s experience. Control audio or music playlists via touch screen, keypad, handheld RF remote, iPad or similar wi-fi device. Maintain single-source control of video, especially useful in a business environment, integrated in building automation system and with controls out of sight. We partner with leading systems manufacturers to deliver crystal clear sound and high definition video solutions that are effective for a few zones to thousands.


Stay true to the aesthetic vision of your space by blending smart and discreet technology with the architecture and décor of your space. Entertainment and communications can be seen and heard only when you want it to with hidden speakers, concealed video displays, mirror TVs, and flush-mount controls. Keep tables and work areas open and uncluttered. Impress customers and guests with your interiors and the ambience you’ve carefully created, not unsightly wires, speakers and TVs.


Whether you’re doing a complete re-wiring or simply installing a network, it’s important to hire someone who specializes in low voltage system design and wiring in order to get the job done properly. Many construction trades, even electricians, may not have the expertise on low voltage requirements for smart control systems and the new audio/video products that rely on Ethernet communication. PHAND ensures the electronic infrastructure of your property – commercial or residential – is installed to effectively support your system requirements and help protect its relevancy over time.




Do you love having great access to your TV but don’t like having the unsightly equipment everywhere? The Electric Mirror is an exciting innovation that eliminates the need for equipment space on your desks and counters, or in your room at all! The mirror itself is transformed into your TV when you want to watch, invisible to view when turned off. Enjoy watching in your bathroom as you get ready in the morning. Turn that gorgeous mirror in your living room into your entertainment spot on movie night. Why not have something 100% useful in your room, whether it’s on or off!


In a business or educational setting, interactive whiteboards create a richer, more interesting environment for training and collaborative meetings. With the single touch of a finger, deliver dynamic presentations and lessons that provide engagement with the audience. Imagine your hand is a mouse for the screen, easily navigating a presentation or file. No more messy markers and or worry that something key will get erased.  A computer attached to the board means whatever is produced can become a file saved to your computer. Let us help you in choosing the right equipment and calibrate the best alignment and visual display for colour and exposure performance.


Maximize media sharing and display for your business or educational institution, wherever it’s needed – boardrooms, lobbies, classrooms, auditoriums, etc. Imagine creating innovative experiences with display signage, streaming messages from news or offering information for easy, on-demand download. We leverage your network to achieve maximum flexibility and scalability, organization wide – for communications, training, customer interaction, safety or security alerts. Let us work with you to determine the best solution for distributing your digital media to your target audiences.



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