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New iPhone8 , iPhoneX and Apple Watch

New Apple Devices were announced and covered today at annual September event.


Apple Watch

We’re now getting a new Watch Series 3, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the flagship iPhone X.

I know many of our clients are still using iPhone 5 and 6 models. I personally use a iPhone 6. I’m certainly going to be upgrading, but undecided if I will go as far as an X, more on that later.

The new Watch main feature is built in cellular capabilities. You will no longer need to pair it with a phone to make calls and sync data. Also built in is an altimeter. I’m a runner and knowing the altitude and can be useful for performance statistics.

And Siri now talks! Talk to Siri and then hear Siri read back the answer.
Available in Canada through Bell and eventually Telus. No word on Rogers.

Check it out here

Apple TV 4K

AppleTV is currently at version 4 and the new model will with the Apple 4K. You may have heard a lot about UltraHD and 4K video in the last year. Now there will be an AppleTV that supports it. If your TV (and everything in between) can handle 4K/UHD then you will be able to take advantage of the higher resolutions and deeper colours available to 4K/UHD content. And regarding content, if you have previously purchased a movie or TV show through the Apple Store, then those will all be automatically upgraded to their 4K/UHD versions when available. And even more content with Live Sports and News. Unsure what that means for us in Canada, but certainly should be on the radar.

Check it out here

New iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus features!

new iphone 8 announcement
The new iphone

If you have an iPhone 7 there won’t be a whole lot new for you on this model. However here is the rundown;
All glass front and back.
Aerospace aluminum band around the edge available in silver, space grey and gold.
Sealed for water and dust resistance.
The iPhone 8 will be a 4.8” screen.
The iPhone 8 Plus will be a 5.5” screen.
Stereo speakers, 25% louder than the current iPhone 7(this is nice!)
New Apple A11 processor.
New Apple designed graphics processor.
12 megapixel camera, HDR colour depth capable, f1.8 and f2.8 aperture.
Optical image stabilization.
Will shoot 4K 60 frames per second video.
Wireless charging (also neat!)

In summary, it’s faster, has stereo speakers, better camera, and has wireless charging.
Wireless charging means you can just lay it down on a charging bed and it charges without having to plug it in. Really handy for charging in a car.
Will be available in 64G and 256G models. Canadian pricing to be determined.

Check it out here

The iPhone X. ….The big jump.

announcement Sept 12
The Iphone X
This is the big one we were waiting for. Lots of new features and here is a list:
Edge to edge display
Glass front and back
Surgical grade stainless steel band around the edge available in silver and space grey.
New SUPER RETINA DISPLAY offering a resolution of 2436×1125 giving 458 pixels per inch (very dense and sharp)
OLED technology screen capable of HDR depth colour and 1:1million contrast ratio (this is awesome)

There is no longer a home button, you use your face to unlock the phone. Look at it, it unlocks!

The front camera now has an IR illuminator, proximity sensor, speaker, microphone all built in to make the unlocking of your phone happen regardless of what you are wearing and how much light there may be.
There is a dual 12 megapixel backside camera with an f1.8 and f2.4 aperature with dual optical image stabilization to handle all those shakes when taking pictures and video.
Quad LED TrueTone flash to illuminate your subject
Wireless charging, same as iPhone 8.
Stereo speakers.
BlueTooth 5 and LTE Advanced.
Available in the US November 3rd. Canada shortly there after.

Augmented Reality
Also available in the iPhone 8 and X are a new augmented reality engine.
Point your phones camera at a surface and new objects can appear on that surface while viewing the phones screen. This offers some very cool possibilities when it comes to games and other image and object manipulation requirements.
You will have to see some video of how it works to truly understand the possibilities. Check it our here

Do I want a new iPhone X?
I have had an iPhone 6 for a few years now. It has worked well for me. As standard with Apple, every time I update the iOS the phone feels a bit slower. It’s quite noticeable now so I am seriously considering upgrading to a new phone. I would absolutely love to go straight for the X, however the Apple purchase price of $1320 (64G) is a lot to pay for a phone. That price should be dramatically reduced by the time the carriers get it and it becomes subsidized over a 2 year plan.

I will not preorder the phone. I’ll have to wait a bit longer. My iPhone 6 case is quite chewed up and falling apart, but the phone itself still helps me run my business.

If you yourself have an iPhone 6S or earlier I’d certainly consider the options for an iPhone 8 model. It will be faster, you will have newer features including a better camera.

How about a new AppleTV 4K?
The new AppleTV 4K is also appealing. When the AppleTV 4 came out just over a year ago everyone expected it to be able to handle 4K resolutions and were disappointed when it did not. This new AppleTV 4K will remove that disappointment and offer 4K/UHD and HDR colour depth.

Note: You do need a compatible 4K/UHD TV along with any equipment between the AppleTV 4K and TV. You also need content available in 4K/UHD to watch. Ask us for more detail on how 4K/UHD works. The LiveSports and News additions will be nice as that will further push people towards cutting the cable, but still unknown what will be available in Canada. I did see a CBC and Bell logo, so that is something.  
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