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Phand Corporation

Commercial Solutions


Crestron builds the technology that integrates all the technology you already have!
At home or office you control:

See how in 2 minutes!  Watch the video below.

Crestron Solutions

Multi-Room A/V

Every room feels like center stage with Crestron multi-room audio and video solutions. Integrated technologies with easy-to-use controls give you the power to deliver rich sound and vivid images to any environment with unparalleled digital quality, whenever and wherever you need it.


Video comes to life with Crestron. Whether your input is an HD image from a cable provider, a wireless presentation from a laptop or streaming video from the Web, Crestron displays it brilliantly on your TV or video screen. You can even display multiple sources on a single screen. Pioneering DigitalMedia™ technology means there’s a full line of products designed to work together seamlessly.


Elevate the experience with complete sound solutions from Crestron. Our signature high-fidelity speakers and audio distribution equipment can set the mood in a sophisticated hotel lobby, cross an auditorium with clarity, or immerse viewers in a home theater. Crestron lets you instantly create unique sensory environments to suit any space or occasion.

Wireless & Streaming

Eliminate the complexity and unleash your media with our newest wireless technologies. Display content such as photos and documents from personal devices without the hassle of plugging in. You can also distribute streaming video throughout a home, building, campus, or around the globe.

Home Automation

Control everything in your home — from lighting, to music, to
security, and more — with Crestron.

Control Any System

Technology should simplify your life, not complicate it. Crestron integrates disparate systems throughout your home and makes them easy to monitor and control with intuitive interfaces. All your favorite brands and existing equipment can be enhanced through integration, including your TV, Blu-ray player, stereo system, media player, and security systems — just to name a few.

The Most Elegant Devices

From touch screens that control everything, to keypads that control specific functions, there’s an elegant solution for every room in your home. Touch screens provide a streamlined controller for everything in your home, and can even display AV content, such as live security camera feeds, TV programming, and more for added versatility. Alternately, elegant keypads provide discreet controls for room-specific functions, while complementing any décor. There are even waterproof remotes for use around pools and bathrooms, so you’re always in control, no matter the environment.

Mobile Access

While there are many ways to manage your Crestron system, only one is always with you: your mobile device. iOS® and Android™ apps give you a convenient way to monitor and control all the systems inside your home from a smartphone or tablet, so you can access them around the house or on the go.

Away from Home

Have peace of mind knowing that whether you’re down the street or across the globe, Crestron always keeps your home within reach. Receive email notifications and pop-up alerts on touch screens when possible issues arise. You can even view security cameras remotely for added assurance or just to check up on the kids. On your way back home, set the temperature and lighting for ideal ambiance so you can just walk in and enjoy being home.

Family Time

When it’s time to enjoy a movie with the family, set the mood in an instant with Crestron. Easily control multiple audio and video sources with a handheld remote—the same remote that can lower your shades, dim the lights, and lower the projector screen for an immersive movie-watching environment. No need to worry about replacing your prized stereo or HD television—our system integrates technology from all your favorite brands flawlessly.

Good Morning

You can have the perfect morning every morning when you wake up to a Crestron automated home. One touch of the “wake” scene button and the lights will gently illuminate your side of the bed, without blinding you or disrupting your partner. Step into your preheated bathroom while the TV turns on to your favorite news channel—all without fumbling for switches or a remote. And that’s just the beginning in a home where all the technology is seamlessly integrated.

Good Night

At the end of a long day, wind down with some relaxing music throughout the house. As you prepare for bed, Crestron takes care of the rest with customizable nighttime presets, ensuring your shades are lowered, lights throughout the home are turned off, and every lock is secured. Schedule the process to happen every night at the same time, or do it all at the touch of a button—it’s up to you.

World-class solutions for
World-class companies

Crestron is the premier technology partner for business,
providing the most dependable, streamlined, and innovative
solutions to help your employees stay focused on their work.

Easy Scheduling

Do more meeting and less planning with Crestron intelligent meeting room solutions. This unified system lets users reserve rooms on location or online — including integration with your existing scheduling platform — and define the perfect environmental setup in advance. Lighting, shades, AV equipment, and more can be customized ahead of time, so meetings get started on time and without hassle.

Fully Integrated

One touch is all you need to set up a winning presentation. Crestron provides a simple solution for automating everything from AV equipment to lights and shades all into an effortless integrated system. Of course, no two businesses are the same–that’s why Crestron offers flexible solutions that can be tailored to your specific business technology needs.

Scale to Any Size

From Fortune 500® companies to small businesses, organizations worldwide depend on Crestron technologies to help them work smarter. Whether it’s a small conference room, a busy meeting area, or a 500-seat auditorium, Crestron is integrated by design to provide scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions that increase productivity, maximize resources and reduce costs. Invest with confidence in a technology platform that will grow with your business.

Wireless Collaboration

Collaborate without leaving your seat — our simple and secure solutions are designed to help your team get more done. Crestron wireless technology allows multiple participants to view, control, and collaborate on a presentation using nearly any laptop or smart device. Multiple laptops can also connect using our wired solution, making it easy to switch between presenters on the fly.

Video Collaboration

Work side-by-side with your team, even when you’re miles apart. Crestron video collaboration solutions are a whole new way for teams to share, collaborate, and communicate in real time, saving your organization travel time and money. One-touch meetings and instant join capabilities make it simple for everyone to participate. And best of all, with Cisco®, Microsoft® and Polycom® integration built-in, our video collaboration solutions work seamlessly with your existing technology.

Integrated Systems

Crestron Fusion™ enterprise management platform is the smart way to integrate disparate systems throughout your business. Network all of your multimedia, environmental, and room-scheduling technology using existing IT infrastructure, and Crestron Fusion will let you monitor, manage, and control systems across the entire enterprise with ease. Save time and money while maximizing resources with the most advanced enterprise solution available.

Energy Savings

Crestron Fusion™ is an intelligent energy management solution designed to make your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its centralized environmental controls and record-keeping provide a powerful real-time and historical overview of operations. See exactly what changes affect energy consumption with useful data analysis tools, and then maximize energy efficiency by selectively controlling lighting, HVAC, and other equipment remotely.

Flexibile with Any Technology

Crestron provides an open, IP-based architecture for integrating all of your building’s systems on one platform. Our Ethernet switches connect all systems and devices to our control system on the managed network, requiring just one IP address. Crestron control systems feature native SNMP support for enterprise level IT management software suites and BACnet®/IP support for integration of HVAC and BMS systems. All systems run independently and communicate with each other, creating a truly smart building.

Stay Relaxed 
Stay Connected

Attract high-profile guests and keep them coming back with distinguished service powered by Crestron technology.

Easy Check-in

Welcome your guests into a world of personalized amenities with Crestron hospitality solutions. As soon as guests check in, their room can be automatically set to greet them with calming lights, relaxing music, and the shades raised to display a gorgeous view. Once in the room, concierge services will introduce guests to the property and the room’s capabilities, while offering hotel amenities and room service to begin their stay in comfort.

Getting Comfortable

Nothing wows guests like the ability to control any aspect of their room with one touch. Offer guests the convenience of a tablet, touch screen, or remote to control lighting, climate, and media features from the comfort of their own bed. Or, wall-mounted keypads provide quick access to specific components. With everything one tap away, all your guests have to worry about is what to enjoy next.

Access to Services

Your services and amenities change regularly—give your guests the most up-to-date information using Crestron displays. Promote special offers with an appealing visual element on a touch screen or television-based control. Designated staff can be summoned with a touch to ensure a guest’s every need is fulfilled, or enable self-service menus so guests can order room service, schedule tee times, and more.

Flexible for Any Event

Weddings, conferences, meetings–your property can host them all with Crestron. Our robust system allows for unique configurations at the touch of a button, with integrated lights, shades, climate controls, and AV systems giving you full control when setting up the environment. Event organizers can even be granted additional control permissions for the flexibility to make adjustments during events.

Multiple Events

Whether your property is hosting one event or a dozen, Crestron gives you the control and adaptability to handle them with grace. Manage large rooms as one space or divide them into separate zones, each with its own AV and lighting controls assigned automatically. Simplify the process with preset configurations for common types of event setups and customize the environment as needed.

Easy to Use,
Easy to Support

With interfaces that are simple for guests and staff alike to operate, Crestron minimizes your need for tech support. And to ensure optimal operations, systems and rooms across a property can be monitored and controlled remotely so that any issues can be promptly resolved. Crestron puts all your technology on a single, intelligent platform, helping your business save time and money.

Support Plans

We are pleased to offer a support plan to meet your goals and your budget.
You’ll receive priority service and qualified people to help you when you need it.  With remote supervision of your system we can detect and remedy problems you may not even be aware of.  In some cases we can remotely reboot devices to reset them and bring them back online.

On your behalf, we’ll contact the services for internet, phone and TV as required.  If on-site service is required you’ll receive preferential pricing and priority service.

All this and more is available for a low monthly fee.  Now all you have to do is enjoy your system.

Contact us to see which plan is right for you.

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